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[Posted On
06, Saturday 09, 8:57 pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Well, I am truly happy today for me and the guys rented a music room in school ON A SATURDAY!
(Besides it took one hour to actually book the room wasting our lunch break)
Now that's dedication!

1. It's not a very good song but it's something everyone can play, EVERYONE EVER! =O
2. we's not that great so far and this is just practice
3. Congratulations to (Mojambe.. Melissa.. Maria.. I dunno!) for filming this even though she only knows nick!!!

Vocals: Rob (short one)
Bass: Me(Rainbow one)
Guitar 1: James (vivacious mover)
Guitar 2: Nick (The only one left)

Have fun~!

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GRAAAR! ( Resurrection is becoming a common thing for me [Posted On
05, Thursday 31, 12:11 pm]
[ mood | tired ]


I Have been busy with exams, story, Band etc. and also forgot that I had the ability to post!
So exams, nothing special.. apart from my media studies exam.
I am failing media studies and they said I couldn't quit because there are no "non entries" and I had the Media exam on Thursday and friday and I decided screw it, do whatever even if you get an A* on your exam all you'd get was a D overall, besides your passing in more than enough other subjects! So I wrote about giant Capybaras, A man with prosthetic arms, legs, nipples and face, Davids fear of is grandpa sodomizing him with his own mouth and a book, 'The sole' is actually a tiny invisible creature that lubricates cogs in factories, and can only be seen under gamma light, but as soon as you focus gamma radiation on it it explodes and how the world was actually an atom inside an atom (The galaxy) inside an atom (The universe).
I had fun.

Story, I am in love with my story vein as sounds, I think I may achieve something with it!
But no one ever replies to my damn deviant art journals so I don't know whether people will bother to read it or not...

And finally Band, Were still in development for two reasons: A) No drummer
B) Snape is our lead guitar

Well, Goodbye for now, Actually I LEAVE YOU WITH TWO-BIT ARTS!Collapse )



[Posted On
12, Wednesday 13, 6:39 pm]
I have just found out that I am too nice(soft) to hang up on surveyors.
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[Posted On
12, Wednesday 13, 5:12 pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Salutations! I have just ventured into my loft courageously and retrieved several nostalgic items such as:
- Velociraptor hand-puppet
- Velociraptor koosh
- Pokemon marble runner things
- Naboo blaster pistol
- POLO!! My favorite teddy! (Something for someone who guesses what he is)
- Heffalump my other lesser loved teddy (Again, what is she?)
- Thunder birds No.1
- Portable japanese arcade game called 'Jungle'
- Clayface Figure (From batman)
- Samurai batman
- The coolest looking lego man EVAR!
So hooray for that and I can now say, after reading the first Disc world book, I'm in love with them and want to read them all (Or the ones chosen for me by Harriet.)
And finally Yay for Hogfather this saturday-sunday on TV, another yay for going to see Tenacious D on friday, a Hoorah for going to a new japanese restaurant in town and finaly a woohah to Harrie, cause I love her!

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[Posted On
12, Saturday 02, 8:17 pm]
Well, fun day for me and Harriet. We made her birthday Cake and it was super fun n_n

Well, tomorrow the trains aren't running so we'll be taking the buses to the zoo. Harriet doesn't like buses, Oh dear.
I hope she likes the present, I made it myself.
Tomorrow it will be: Harriet, Maisie, Abbi, James, Lewis and me. woo, couples!

Well bu-bye! please comment this time you make me cry when you don't! ;_;
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